FMC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FMC?

  • The Fetal Monitor Credentialing (FMC) Exam was developed in January 2014 based on Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) principles defined by national consensus, and leading United States experts have been involved in its development. The FMC tool measures both knowledge and judgment. Measurement of clinical reasoning is made possible using Script Concordance Testing (SCT), developed more than 10 years ago by Bernard Charlin, MD, PhD from the University of Montreal.

Who developed the exam?

  • The Perinatal Quality Foundation (PQF) grew out of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) and is now an independent affiliate of SMFM. The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of some of the most respected clinicians in Maternal Fetal Medicine.
  • The mission of the Perinatal Quality Foundation is to improve the quality of Obstetrical services. The Fetal Monitoring Credentialing task force, appointed by the Board of Directors, was tasked with developing the examination. Experts in nursing, nurse-midwifery, and Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) were involved in developing the exam questions. The questions underwent rigorous testing and statistical validation by numerous experts and data participants.
  • Starting from December 2023, Inteleos assumed operation of the FMC program.

Who is Inteleos?

Who should take this exam?

  • The examination is available to physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, nurses, other perinatal clinicians, and institutions who are involved in the management of labor and delivery patients.

How is the exam scored?

  • Script Concordance Test (SCT) is an innovative approach to clinical reasoning assessment. This method of testing includes questions that offer participants an answer key in the form of a 5-point Likert scale, allowing for more than one answer to be acceptable. SCT provides a direct approach for testing the organization of clinical knowledge and how well it is applied in authentic and ambiguous clinical scenarios. All unanswered questions are considered incorrect answers.
  • The exam has two types of questions which assess both knowledge and judgment. Knowledge questions require specific correct answer(s), typically based on specific definitions, nomenclature, or physiological facts. They can be used to measure any number of specific teaching objectives.
  • NOTE: Any questions left unanswered will be considered incorrect.

When will I get my scores?

  • Your examination results, along with an analysis of the knowledge and judgement questions, will be accessible in your account through the Inteleos FMC website within 3 hours of completing the exam.

How do I take the exam?

  • The exam is accessible online at Participants can sign in using the option located at the upper right corner of the screen and then follow the instructions to enter the test.
  • Upon starting the exam, participants will be required to watch a demonstration and complete the required attestations.

Please note:

  • There is no back button available, meaning you cannot skip questions or review answered questions. The questions are randomized with each exam attempt.
  • This exam is NOT open book.
  • Any questions left unanswered will be considered incorrect.

What is the cost of the exam?

  • The initial cost to take the exam for the first time is $150.00 per individual. Discounts may be available for institutions or hospitals.

How do I locate my score?

  • Sign back into your account on the Inteleos FMC website. Navigate to the summary page and click on the button that will lead you to your results.

What if I fail the exam?

  • If an individual fails, they have one additional attempt to pass within 3 months before they are required to reapply and pay.

How often may I retake the examination?

  • Inteleos does not currently limit the number of times a person may retake the exam to pass.

How long is the exam?

  • The exam must be completed within 120 minutes.
  • Once the exam begins, there is NO option to pause. Participants may take the exam in their own time (available 24/7). A stable internet connection and a computer are required to access the exam. The exam consists of 70-80 questions. There is a countdown counter that is displayed.

Will I receive CME credits?

  • No, you will not receive CME credits.

Will I receive a certificate?

  • Yes, a certificate will be issued to you after a passing score is achieved. It will be visible in your patient portal.

Can my employer verify my certificate online?

  • The protocol for an employer (Practice Administrator) to view or confirm certification on the website is as follows:
  • During registration, a user can apply using a promo code OR the user must select the hospital affiliation and make payment using either a personal or company credit card. It is crucial that they ensure the option "May we send your exam results to your hospital affiliation?" is checked in their user profile.

How long does the credential last?

  • Credentialing will remain current for a period of 3 years after successfully passing the exam. The certificate indicates the duration of its validity.

What is required for recertification?

  • Within a three-year period from the time the examination is passed, a participant may take a recredentialing examination at half of the original cost. You may begin taking the examination at the end of year two.
  • The recredentialing examination will have fewer questions than the full examination. After three years participants will be required to take the full examination.

How do I contact Customer Service?